Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Tennessean gets it

From an editorial in Friday's Nashville Tennessean:
America is a big country, but is it big enough to safely store radioactive waste from abroad?
EnergySolutions wants to move the atomic waste either through the port of Charleston, S.C., or New Orleans on its way to Oak Ridge for processing; of that material, 1,600 tons of residue would be destined for Clive, Utah. That is only for this one contract. EnergySolutions has signaled that it is actively pursuing more foreign business.
But this nation must not, under any circumstances, become a dump for dangerous waste from around the world. The people of those nations would not stand for it, and neither should Americans.

You may recall that last month, Oyster alerted us to an article in the Picayune (buried on p. A6) about plans to import radioactive material from Italy through the ports of New Orleans and Charleston, process it at Oak Ridge, Tennessee and store it in Utah. That's about all I've heard about it in the local press. The newspapers in Tennessee, South Carolina and Utah have covered in the story at length, but we've barely heard about it. Nice to know that our journalists are so much more responsible than the muckraking fear mongers in those other states.

Yes but meanwhile the legislators of TN or SC are probably voting themselves pay raises left and right while the media there focus on these kinds of distractions.
Worse yet, sometimes the local journalists are responsible and write stories about such topics, which the editors decide to kill.
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