Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Update:Oyster has more on the subject.

Two year old quote:
Responding to an e-mail from Gray about the bill, Nagin noted that he just completed his difficult re-election bid and had not had enough time to review the proposal.

"My initial take is that we not move anything forward right now as I learned a lot about who my true friends (sic) and who are real supporters of the city of new orleans," Nagin wrote, according to the e-mail obtained by The Times-Picayune. "This bill unfortunately is one that I think should be tabled this session until I have a few heart to heart meetings with its sponsors. We will oppose it and not fund this if it passes."

New quote:
"I'm a little bit concerned that we're overtaxing a couple of firms," the mayor said during Wednesday's board meeting. "One other selection, I'm just not comfortable that we have done enough due diligence yet for the firm to step up to the plate."

The mayor added: "You've gotten me into this a little bit further than I wanted to go, but let's just delay it a meeting."
"At City Hall right now, we are pushing forward probably close to $1 billion worth of projects, and I'm seeing some strains as it relates to that, and I would not want to see that happen here," he said.

It may well be that the mayor's concerns were prompted by something that he noticed while driving his mack truck through the numbers, but this a mayor who learned a lot about his true friends. Unfortunately, a direct link to CHANGE's Inc.'s latest report doesn't work. You need to look up "Citizens for Hope Action" and the latest report seems to be a year old. Also, you can only tell so much from campaign reports, but it's worth remembering.

I don't see one of the companies mentioned on any of Nagin's friends lists, but Veolia, which owned US Filter from 1999 to 2004, does have a history with the S&WB and the city:
Another potential bidder, USFilter, has managed two of the city's wastewater treatment facilities for several years. However, a myriad of problems at the East Bank Sewage Treatment Plant in the Lower 9th Ward -- such as sewage discharging into the Mississippi River 50 times during 2001 and 2002 -- has inflamed tensions between USFilter and the S&WB.

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US Filter was bought by Siemens a year ago or so.

I will say this: US Filter was developing some fascinating new technology before it was bought by the Europeans.
I wasn't sure about including any mention of US Filter, but its operations in New Orleans seemed to suffer from poor oversight while it was owned by Veolia. I should also acknowledge that some of the criticism of Veolia comes from sources that can easily be characterized as "anti-business" or, at least, "anti-corporate."
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