Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pointless Question

It's easy to imagine the extent to which ABC will overdo the 80's nostalgia if we end up with a Lakers-Celtics NBA championship, but what pundit will write the most hacktacular op-ed piece about the Celtics playing the Lakers, the Gipper in the White Wouse and "morning in America?" If George Will didn't like to write baseball, he'd be the obvious guess.

great post.

one more reason i'm rooting for a pistons /spurs championship.

hell i want the guys that beat us to go all the way so at least i can say we got beat by the best.

i'm sure the networks will still pull out some craptacular way to sell it.
I can't cheer for the Spurs. I don't know if Horry's foul on West was dirty, but the Spurs' fans sure thought it was and they heartily approved. I was never a Lakers fan, but I never really hated them (who could hate Magic Johnson?), until they hired Phil Jackson. It was hard to cheer for the Lakers the other night when I saw him on the bench. I've decided not to watch that series.
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