Friday, May 02, 2008

Giving them the whole story

A follow-up to Monday's post.

From today's T/P:
With a markup of booth rental fees and a 200 percent increase in the price he pays for gas to fill the three trucks he uses to haul bread to the festival from Marksville, Laborde said he is worried that he will not cover costs this year.
This year, however, weather is just one part of the concern. Although the high price of gasoline, airline woes and the downward trend of the national economy have not seemed to keep visitors away from Jazzfest, there is some evidence that those factors are leading them to spend less.

"I'm not buying as much," said Barbara Moely, of Harahan. "Normally, I would buy artwork."

This year, Moely said she is tightening her purse strings and not even considering purchasing a piece.
Ginger Barbier planned to buy fewer beers so that she could still buy work from a local artist.

I guess those are the only possible factors:
The cost of a ticket at the gate of the 2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell is more than three times higher than in 1998.
1998: $16
1999: $18
2000: $20
2001: $20
2002: $25
2003: $25
2004: $25
2005: $35
2006: $40
2007: $45
2008: $50


Whoa, whoa, whoa! That is crawfish bread we are talking about! Everyone, festin' this weekend, please buy some crawfish bread so they come back next year!
Are you kidding? Crawfish bread *used* to be my all-time favorite, but I agree with the TP food writer who said it now tastes like fish-flavored cheese slathered on bread. No way those are Louisiana crawfish. They've got to be the long-ago frozen Chinese variety.
I didn't go this year. Last year was the first I had gone in a few years, I was disappointed in the crawfish bread then. But I wasn't sure if it had gone down, or if I had just been looking forward to it too much.

I certainly wouldn't want to see food prices go up, but I don't how the Jazz Fest can claim the need to raise ticket prices and booth fees but not allow vendors to raise their prices.
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