Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picayune Items

Last Thursday, the Picayune ran a story about a possible abuse of public office on the part of nuclear power advocate/wind energy critic Jay Blossman*. Appropriately, a scathing column by James Gill appeared in today's paper. It's interesting to compare the column that Gill about Blossman's apparent abuse of office to the column that he wrote about Mayor Transparency's refusal to answer about the deal between Stone Age Granite and Home Depot. Oops, you can't link to a column that never got written.

I do have a couple of things to add to Bruce Eggler's report on Mitch Landrieu's effort to bring the board of the Louisiana State Museum directly under the control of the lieutenant governor's office. The State Museum Board provides the lists of nominees for one seat on the Vieux Carre Commission. I have been told that the strong backing of the state museum made Ralph Lupin fireproof when the mayor attempted to take advantage of Lupin's mistake in not calling Veronica White a crook. In addition, the State Museum Board also controls all the retail locations in the Lower Pontalba. In other words Bruce Eggler understated, at least to some degree, the amount of patronage that the proposed bill would put under the lieutenant governor's control.

*FWIW, I'm not as opposed to nuclear power as I am opposed to Republicans who support nuclear power. That's not partisan b.s.; I find the thought of increased reliance on nuclear power combined with the conservative attitude toward government regulation frightening.

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