Saturday, March 08, 2008

Liberals on Bumiller

The conservative reaction to the McCain/Bumiller incident has been predictable:
Maybe McCain seems angry because he can’t stand sniveling reporters who spend their life trying to spin bullshit propaganda out of thin air in support of their own petty political agendas.

If Bumiller does have some kind of liberal agenda, it's news to most liberals.

The Daily Howler:
In the early 1960s, the sort of silly caddy journalism was performed for the handsome young JFK. Today, Bumiller caddies for Bush.

The Rude Pundit:
Take, for instance, this from Elisabeth "Oh, Sweet Jesus, If I Can't Blow Him In Person, I'll Do It In Print" Bumiller's New York Times article about Bush's feckless visit to Argentina: "[T]he always-on-time, early-rising Mr. Bush found himself so much at the mercy of Argentina's late, leisurely scheduling that on Friday he sat down to a dinner with Western Hemisphere leaders at 10:15 p.m., already past his bedtime, and did not get back to his hotel room until nearly 12:40 a.m.

The Tattered Coat:
It never fails: I notice a headline in the New York Times that seems strikingly pro-Bush, one that appears to accept at face-value whatever dreck Karl Rove has decreed will be fed to the news media. The article that follows presents Bush, and those around him, in the best-possible light. It treats him as a celebrity, and reports, in the kind of breathless asides that usually appear in gossip columns, King George’s slightest whims and preferences.

After a while, I have begun to notice something–all of these articles have one line in common:

by Elisabeth Bumiller

So, don't believe the BS about Bumiller being a liberal New York Times reporter out to get McCain. Also, don't jump to the conclusion that the press love affair is over. It might be, but I doubt it.

Bumiller was also the 2004 Wimblehack Champion.
Appreciate the link but I never said anything about Bumiller being "liberal", though I am sure she must be since she is a reporter with the NYT.

Perhaps because I said "bullshit propaganda" and "petty agenda" you just assumed I meant "liberal"

The idea that Bumiller was pursuing any kind of agenda that would be remotely anti-Republican is inconsistent with her public record, however you label that agenda. It's far more likely, that a politician would try to score points by attacking the NYT than it is that Bumiller, of all people, was out to get the (presumptive) GOP nominee.
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