Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dumber than Nagin

Since I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, Adrastos has been right, and I've been wrong, on just one topic of occasional disagreement, I've decided to introduce a new series to the blog -- Dumber than Nagin.

I hate to give the inaugural "Dumber than Nagin" award to somebody who's still in high school, but today's award goes to 4.0 student Kenneth Page of Columbia, S.C. I'm not saying that Page did anything wrong, he may really not like banks, but, when you post a picture like this on your MySpace (or Facebook) page, people will ask questions about the recent upswing in Clemson's recruiting. I'm sure it was all a joke on Page's part. I'm even more certain that the investigations that are sure to come will reveal nothing about any of Page's fellow recruits.

Back to Nagin, I've never said that he was intelligent, just that he possessed the minimal intelligence level necessary to take advantage of people and situations; Adrastos has taken a somewhat dimmer view of the mayor's cognitive capabilities. I suppose my position is that one needn't be intelligent to be shrewd or cunning. Also, just as it's become fashionable to talk of types of intelligence, I've come to believe in types of stupidity -- the fact has somebody has a great talent for sticking his foot in his mouth doesn't make it a safe bet that he'll trip over his own two feet.

A quote from yesterday's Picayune makes me wonder if the mayor tripped over his own two feet:
"It's unfortunate that we have to continue to get to this point where minor things are being blown out of proportion," he said. "My sons have followed every rule. I told them going into the business that they couldn't do any city contracts or anything close to a city contract, and the store in question is not one of the stores they're doing business with. So, you know, it's just typical, unfortunately, of what I have to go through."

Welcome to the Nagin is a dumbass club.
I'm not convinced it isn't more due to an utter and complete lack of shame, sense of entitlement that would make Paris Hilton blush and a level of hubris so that he really doesn't give flying flip about what anyone thinks about anything he says.

And then, other than some bad press, has he ever faced any consequence as a result of anything he did?
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