Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Come on Dan, ethanol? The Renewable Fuels Association?

I should wait until the transcript's available but I just found myself screaming, "I'll blow you Dan, if this google search doesn't turn out exactly how I expect," at the TV just now. Dan Abrams just ruled Clinton's criticism of Obama's support of the 2005 energy bill a cheapshot because the Renewable Fuels Association supported the bill. Specifically, the group praised the bill for including funding for renewable fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. So I googled The Renewable Fuels Association, no representatives from environmental groups or anybody with any interest in solar power or wind energy -- just ethanol and biodiesel. Well, somebody from ADM is part of the leadership.

The above isn't a criticism of Obama, but of Abrams. When the transcript's available, I'll supply the part where Abrams compliments himself for having the only show that bothers to fact check that sort of thing.

Updated here.

Is there anyone left at MSNBC who's worth watching?
Abrams tries to be objective, but he's either not the sharpest tool in the shed or reads the teleprompter without doing much preparation.

Even before the election, I was beginning to get tired of Olbermann. When he first started serving as MSNBC's token liberal, he said things that could help sway an undecided or that a liberal could use in a debate with a conservative. But for a year or more, he's basically just been preaching to the choir without giving much useful info. When I saw him call somebody "worst person in the world" for quoting, not praising, just quoting Nathan Forrest, I thought it was getting a little silly. For a long time, I only knew the mythology around Forrest and not the ugly facts, and I'm more well-versed in american history than most people. Condemning a sixty year old Southerner for quoting Forrest might have played well with Olbermann's core audience, but it makes him seem a stereotypical liberal of the type that conservatives attempt to lampoon. That sort of thing had become pretty typical before the election and lately he's been just as judgmental toward "the Clintons." He's part of the MSNBC crew that's making it hard for me to remember that i think Obama's a better choice than Clinton.
It better damned well not be a criticism of Obama. You know that's not allowed on the Intertubes....LOL
“Get there firstest with the mostest.”

Nathan Bedford Forrest.
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