Saturday, March 15, 2008

A: Because WDSU airs the Today Show in the morning

Q: Why did Nagin move his twice-monthly morning interviews from WWL to WVUE?

Also in this morning's "New Orleans Politics" column, Frank Donze reverts to taking dictation:
The messages, in which high-ranking Nagin aides referred to Butler as "Kimbo" and other, more vulgar names, surfaced around the same time Nagin pressured her to resign in early 2003. (It later emerged that "Kimbo" was a misspelling of "KimBu," a contraction of her name.)

I've said it before, sometimes Donze does excellent reporting, sometimes he just types out the party line. I sincerely hope that I don't need to explain what was wrong with that last item.

I assume that I won't need to elaborate on this:
"I came into this job hoping to improve the city and diversify the economy and ride off into the sunset," Nagin said during a meeting with the newspaper's staff.

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