Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Roy Rodney Connection

I'm aware that I might be getting into Law of Fives territory and I'm also aware that New Orleans is a small enough city that there never are too many degrees of separation between any two individuals, but with so much public succor involved, any possible connection should be explored.

In its corporate filing, Succor, Inc. lists its mailing address as 1524 N. Claiborne. Succor also played a role in last year's Cutting Edge Music Business Conference:
Included this year with the help of MusicCares and Succor, Inc., a safe harbor room for those recovering from substance abuse

I don't know if Succor was paid for that service, but Cutting Edge seems to receive state funding. Cutting Edge also gives its mailing address as 1524 N. Claiborne. The conference is also produced by the Music Business Institute. The registered agent for the Music Business Institute is Roy Rodney.

Like I said law of fives, but like I also said, a lot of public succor. $300,000 from the state, $20,000 (proposed) from the city, and $250,000 from the state:
State of Louisiana Assistance
The Organization has been awarded an appropriation from the State of Louisiana to be used to defray
the expenses of establishing and maintaining health and education initiatives which is the
Organization's only program.
For the year ended December 31, 2006, the following appropriation is reflected in the financial
Contract Period July 1. 2006 through June 30. 2007
Succor, Inc. received a appropriation in the amount of $250,000. The entire contribution
was recorded as income in 2006.
Concentration of Support
The Organization receives a substantial amount of its support from the State of Louisiana. A significant
reduction in the level of this support, if this were to occur, may have an effect on the Organization's
programs and activities. Approximately 80.7% of the Organizations support for the year ended December 31, 2006, came from the Governor's Office of Urban Affairs.

I think it's worth exploring any possible connection to a Morial crony, or (shush) a Nagin Crony.

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