Friday, February 08, 2008

Of course,

The most interesting thing about tonight's report on the mayor's fund raising was undoubtedly:
While New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin publicly danced around questions about his political future, he spent a considerable amount of money polling and researching a possible gubernatorial run, according to documents obtained by Eyewitness News.

Campaign records for all of 2007, which were filed with Louisiana's ethics board, show Nagin paid Dr. Silas Less (sic), a political consultant, almost $60,000 last year.

“That's a lot of money to spend on polling,” said Dr. Ed Renwick, Eyewitness News political analyst. “I need a client like that. That's not too common.”

Eyewitness News contacted Lee on Friday. He said he conducted statewide polls and research for Nagin, who was interested in the governor's election.
And in keeping with Eyewitness News’ full disclosure policy, it should be noted that Greg Rigamer, who conducts data analysis work for WWL-TV, which includes analysis of election returns, gave $2,500 to the Nagin campaign fund last year.

Yep, he paid sixty grand to find out that he couldn't be elected governor. It seems that the mayor is as thrifty with his campaign funds as he is with the city's recovery funds. Don't be fooled by the typo in the transcript, Zurik clearly said Silas Lee in the report. You may recall that Lee was also paid $13,500 by the Nagin campaign during the 2006 election.

Susan Howell, Jeff Crouere (former treasurer of the Nagin-backing GNOR), Stephen Sabludowsky, Greg Rigamer and Silas Lee, yet, the mayor claims to have run against the media. Make that claimed, the city website does seem to have changed this statement :
Most recently, Mayor Nagin again defied the odds by defeating twenty-two other candidates and the media to win a second term.

In 2006 Mayor Nagin ran a successful local race that had a state wide and national scope that defied the odds by garnering diverse citizen support from republican and democratic voters to win re-election to a second term to lead one of America’s greatest cities.

From mythology to understatement -- about the Republican support. Go figure.

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