Saturday, February 16, 2008

Myers-Briggs on steroids

The Birkman Method is like a Myers-Briggs on steroids.*

Frank Donze seems to have made a minor error in his otherwise excellent report Thursday:
Nagin also paid $6,290 to the Carrison Inc. political consulting firm of Camden, S.C.

In fact, Carrison Inc. is a management consulting firm that, well:
After 20 years in the management-consulting business, Perry Carrison has successfully designed a variety of interactive, inter-personal programs that assist senior and mid-level managers with leadership skills and team building in the workplace.

"Life is a series of classrooms," says Carrison, "there are lessons to be learned in all relationships. The key is finding out what those lessons might be."

That's definitely the Carrison Inc. listed on the mayor's campaign finance report because (click bio on the previous link):
As guided by Perry Carrison, each client strives for profound goals: know myself, my talents and challenges – then lead like no one else. From The World Bank to the Discovery Channel to FreddieMac to the Mayor of New Orleans, Carrison has listened until each leader was sure of his or her voice.

My point isn't to nit-pick about Donze's reporting, nor is it to make fun of the mayor for spending campaign money to be sure of his voice. As amusing as that thought might be, I agree** with my fellow bloggers that making fun of the mayor is a distraction.

I bring this up because Carrison's client list includes the City of New Orleans. If that's a misprint and Carrison means to list "Ray Nagin" or the "Ray Nagin campaign" as a client, the above is unimportant. But if the city is spending public money to help the mayor's over-paid aides find their voices, it's worth talking about.

*link Under programs then Birkman Method, individual pages on the site all have the same link.

**"Criticisms of the mayor for his stupid statements are a waste of time -- been there, done that, the shit doesn't stick. Make fun of the buffoon all you want, but the fact is, the buffoon's calling all the shots."

The buffoon is just a figurehead. It becomes harder for the buffoon support team to retain him with the internal pressures. We need to add a few more external pressures that they become convinced.
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