Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A glaring omission from local bloggers

So let's see, we've got one local blogger posting about David Bowie, and at least two mentioning Elvis' birthday, but I can't find anybody saying, "Happy Birthday" to the Thin White Duke (or outside agitator). Don't know if this link is a year late or four years early.

I was also surprised to realize that I may have been the first local blogger to post about the pastor of Barack Obama's church. Of course, my post had nothing to with the presidential election. But don't believe any of the nonsense* about Obama's church, if it were a separatist church, it would not be part of the United Church of Christ.

*The link is to a criticism of the nonsense, the post linked is in no way nonsensical.

The Clear Channel/Fox 99.5 FM was broadcasting Sean Hannity's repetitious lies about Obama yesterday.

Let's see ... FCC doesn't allow communities input into broadcast programming, has no restrictions on ownership, allows rampant lies to be foisted upon the population, and doesn't provide a right to alternative groups to air contradictory opinions on the people's airwaves.

Meanwhile, MSM broadcast campaign coverage sounds more like a blow-by-blow bar brawl on Entertainment Tonight than a debate about issues of grave consequence to the future of the nation.

Is this democracy, or fascism?
An incredible oversight on my part. Especially since I claim that Bowie is the greatest artist since 1970.

Also, Jeff Crouere was pimping that Obama's church "story" yesterday on his ringside politics show on 990am.
Do not be surprised if these same people continue to spout that Romney's dad "walked with MLK."
"Is this democracy, or fascism?"

Depends on who's throwing the snowballs.
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