Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Does anyone really believe this crap?

Too busy for a long post, but I just heard McCain get in the tackiest twofer I've ever heard in my life -- Reagan and Vietnam: he became a Republican after he heard about then Governor Reagan of California in whispered tap codes. Apparently, Reagan's death inspired the straight talker to write something that his intentions told him were true, and it's now part of his campaign spiel:
I first met President Reagan and his lovely wife, Nancy, not
long after I returned from Vietnam. But I knew of him in the
years before I regained my liberty, when my fellow prisoners-
of-war and I would discuss in tap codes and whispered
conversations the governor of California who was giving such
eloquent voice to the convictions we believed we had been
sent to war to advance.
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Not exactly what he said tomight, but almost. Show me one former POW, one former Pow who isn't involved in Republican politics, who heard these whispered tap codes about Reagan. If you believe McCain's story, you probably believe that Crist wasn't offered some kind of deal to endorse a guy who doesn't believe in national catastrophe insurance.

Five minutes later: I've never liked McCain. I've always thought McCain was a phony who would do anything to be president. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that I've heard that fairy tale before. But hearing McCain say that as the likely Republican nominee prompted the first visceral reaction that I've ever had to him.

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I wonder if McCain, like his good buddy St. Ronald, is confusing reality with the movies.

Yesterday a friend sent me this link about the Rambo series of movies...in the second one, Stallone/Rambo informs the no-longer-abandoned POWs that, saints alive, Ronald himself is now the preznit.

And everyone's gonna get a pony.

...hmm...you know, come to think of it, the myth of abandoned POWs sure has dropped from wingnuttia's radar screen, hasn't it...
Yeah, but the POWs only remember Reagan as a movie actor, not a great governor who made them feel appreciated. You're about the POW/MIA thing falling off their radar. I'm surprised that none of the real nuts have gone after McCain for seeking normalized relationa with Vietnam before we a "full accounting" for the MIAs. I vaguely remember some nuts attacking him for that in the past, but not in this election.
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