Sunday, January 20, 2008

Continuing Education

Perhaps we should come together, and write an ur-post on Nagin.

Something like, "The Case Against Ray Nagin", and have a concise summary of his biggest, most hypocritical offenses that the nolablogosphere can link to at the same time. We could challenge the T-P for its editorial blindness, and call for Nagin's resignation.

Perhaps even some of the reporters or opinion wags at the T-P will take notice. They seem to be mentioning "bloggers" more and more these days (which isn't saying much, I grant).

Whaddya think?

Actually, I had already started a couple of posts along those lines when Oyster made that comment, but last week was a bad one for posting. Now that the presidential primaries are heating up, I don't know how anybody can work, follow local and national news, read local and national blogs, and find time to post blog entries himself. Aside from that, last week was a busy one for reasons having nothing to do with blogging or politics.

Anyway, the reason for the anti-Nagin posts is that I expect to be too busy to spend much time on the blog this Spring, probably starting some time in February. I decided to take advantage of the free tuition that comes with working for a university last Fall, but had to drop the more time consuming of two classes -- CPST 220 Problem Analysis and Programming Principles I.

Last July, I bought a new computer with XP Home; in August, I signed up for a course in PHP, taught using IIS. I don't quit that easily, but a collapsed ceiling caused some disruption in my personal life in September. Notice the Roman numeral I in the course title; it's one thing to play catch up all semester when you only want a credit on your transcript, but it's an entirely different matter with a foundation course. I've been told that programming classes can be very time consuming; I'll also be taking another class, so expect some drop-off in blog activity.

First,a quick reminder:
In response to a question, the mayor said he would not cut his own pay. "I'm homeless, so let's just put the dagger all the way in," Nagin said. He has bought a house in Dallas, where his children are attending school. He said the voters could give him "the ultimate cut" during elections in February.

I can't find a link, but in a televised interview, a reporter (can't remember who) asked Nagin about pay cuts for himself and top aides. The hapless reporter allowed Nagin to answer about himself only, I can only assume that the reporter was unaware of the huge raises those aides had recently received.

At any rate, Nagin's flippant dismissal of the suggestion didn't make a good impression on at least one of those laid-off workers. I don't expect elected officials or bosses (technically, Nagin was both) to be "touchy-feely," but nobody responds well to rank insensitivity. More importantly, such pay cuts would have been more than symbolic, or could have been more than symbolic -- if the money that such cuts would have made available had been properly spent.

I really did try to give both Nagin and Blanco a second chance after Katrina, but it quickly became impossible to hold any feelings of good will toward the mayor.

I would like such posts (the comprehensive kind about Nagin).

Good luck with your courses!
I don't have the time lately for "citizen journalism" of the excellent sort that you or dpb/Mark do. However, I think the ur post idea is excellent. However, you have to understand that some of us would have to leach (with full credit, of course) off of those who've done the work. The idea should be to make the idea ubiquitous. Funny how everyone followed me off after Radtke, but doesn't do the same everytime you dredge the mayoral imps out of the cloest.
Thanks, db. The ur post was oyster's idea, but if every blogger who was so inclined posted about something that's been neglected, forgotten or ignored, it would be easy to put together an outline. I'll to put out a couple of posts along those line soon. Thanks for the compliment also.
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