Saturday, December 08, 2007

What, me absent?

“Absent is one thing I would never use to describe myself. (As a matter of fact,) I am working so many hours (and the pace is so quick) I'm not sure how long I can keep this up.”
Cee Ray Nagin

The part about the pace being quick can be heard on the A/V link but didn't make the transcript.

Update: What, me worry?

That was on the six o'clock Eyewitness News. On the ten o'clock Eyewitness, Nagin said that weren't many locals left among the homeless population at Duncan Plaza. Get this, most of them are people who have here for work and now the work's dried up. That makes it so much better. No link available yet.

"I think they should come follow me around."

Let's do it. Let's set up a Citizen's Mayoral Watch. I'll take Thursday, if someone wants to phone his office. 24 hours, C Ray: you give me the schedule, I'll just bet I can keep up.
Why did Ray tell WWL that the homeless camp was more or less on purpose?
Has the work dried up because Ray was busting his butt doing it all?
I just realized that this post goes against every thing I say about paying too much attention to the mayor's stupid statements, when we should be paying more attention to his contradictory statements and statements that clearly don't match the facts or answer questions.

I think Ray was trying to say that the homeless encampment is not really made up of true homeless people, but people pretending to be homeless to prove a point. Much like Common Ground is not really made up of New Orleans citizens. I don't know if it is true or not, but I wouldn't put it past either side at this point.
It sounded that way at first, mominem, but then he said something that sounded like people who come here to work and find themselves stranded are undeserving of help or sympathy.
You'd have to be ready to fly to Jamaica, Carmen.
Is he flying Thursday? Stupid me, I let my passport expire. Any day he's in town, then; one of the jetsetters can take the Jamaican leg.
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