Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Quote of the strong:
I got everything that I asked for passed with this budget.
Ray Nagin

Quote of the weak*:
The situation with Ray Nagin, I had said that I would not honor him any more by dealing with him as an elected official; so I don't feel as though I'm violating that. We're dealing with what to do with him now that he has proven to be the hypocrite-in-chief...
Rob Couhig

Quote about the not nearly as weak as most seem to think:
New Orleans will receive the bulk of the money – nearly $300 million
Mayor Nagin said he hopes the city receives the money within the next 90 days.

Apparently, Couhig has decided that it's beneath his dignity to talk about Ray Nagin (he'd much rather scoff at global warming and talk up the success of the "surge" in Iraq), but he made an exception yesterday because Gen. Russell Honoree was scheduled to appeared on Jim Brown's show later that morning. That was all it took for Rob and Bo to engage in a little fantasy:
I think Rob may have hit on the one thing that actually rid us of the Mayor once and for all. Much like the way Ray had “the talk” with then DA Eddie Jordan. We feel that General Honore’ may be the only person suited to have “the talk” with Nagin.

So, Couhig made a one time exception to his decision not to discuss the mayor. What did he discuss? Nagin's trip to Jamaica and the hypocrisy of failure to vote. Nothing about the hypocrisy of his claims to be the "champion of transparency." Nothing about the garbage contracts, or any fat contracts to campaign donors. In other words, Couhig feels no need to help clean up the mess he helped create, or slow down the train wreck he helped set in motion.

I don't think that Cerasoli will have his office operating at peak efficiency in ninety days. But, considering how much of the garbage controversy comes down to what was in the original RFP's, it would seem like an opportunity to demand some real transparency.

*With apologies to oyster. No transcript of the Couhig quote, can be heard on the above link -- 12/11/07 7a-8a.

Great quotes. Do you inflict Couhig on yourself every morning? That's brutal.

Regarding Blanco's LRA/Road Home... didn't this (welcome) $300 million become available because Sen. Landrieu maneuvered to get 3 billion dollars to bail out the Road Home, and the Dems got the State match requirement waived?
In retrospect, was it ever really worth investing so much psychic energy in worrying about whether the Road Home shortfall would be rectified?

Is this the "Missile Gap" of our time?
I don't think that comparison is fair.

The shortfall wasn't illusory, or pure politics. It was real. Landrieu plugged it up with 3 billion bucks, and Melancon got CLyburn and Pelosi to press Bush to waive the match, which allowed the LRA to release the $500 million or so they were holding in reserves for the match.

Landrieu bailed out Blanco's Road Home, and also, by extension, Landrieu bailed out Blakely.

Is that a fair interpretation of events?
Yeah, you're right. I guess I was asking whether or not the process of plugging the hole was kind of inevitable.

The hyperbolic comparison is really just for kicks.
I used to put Couhig on most mornings while getting for work, but I got out of the habit when I had my head injury. Seriously, I was already prone to headaches. Just gave him a listen the other day and heard that. I really won't be listening much just to hear him scoff at global warming and insist that the surge is working.
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