Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not That Crowded

I had to wonder whether James Gill wrote the editorial in Monday's Picayune. James Gill's columns tend to fall flat when he tries to be "cute" clever rather than acerbic, and Monday's editorial certainly fizzled. James Gill loves to make fun of the mayor's gaffes, even if he needs to manufacture them, but he still refuses to question the integrity of the Nagin administration. Somehow, nobody in the Nagin Administration made Mondays "naughty list."

I suppose the most likely explanation is that Santa told James, or Jarvis, or somebody at the Picayune, that there was unlimited space in his hoosegow, but unlimited space didn't include room for anybody involved with the recent sanitation deals.

Holy crap, u write for that Katrinacrat? Wasn't that a nice message Douchebag posted on Christmas Eve?


Then the little coward is afraid to answer my comments so he censors me be. He's just like Hitler.
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