Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nagin's Law

The Bullshit excuse is worse than the fuckup.

Unfortunately, in real life, cover-ups often work, or keep the heat off until nobody cares, and the uproar over Nagin's bullshit often distracts attention from more important fuckups, or worse. Also, what I said about James Gill and invitations applies to Stephanie Grace and our buck naked "Champion of Transparency."

Sometimes I think Grace is cribbing from me.

Not that that's a good thing.
Oh, SNAP! Clancy DuBos' new column is a must-read (not yet online). It opens:

"To call Mayor Ray Nagin the Village Idiot is to insult people with IQs of 20. Truth be told, people of extremely limited intelligence tend to be guileless, whereas hypocrites break our hearts on purpose, and usually for selfish reasons."
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