Thursday, November 01, 2007

Waiting for the Levee

When the November issue of the November issue of the New Orleans Levee gets posted online, out-of-towners (and those who didn't get a print copy) will be able to see that the top story is a satiric piece about the mayor's size fetish. It's a little late now, but since I saw the print edition last weekend, I've been planning a post about dropping the civility and collegiality where the mayor and his sanitation department are concerned. Quite frankly, I didn't find the Levee piece all that funny, but realized that everybody who pays any attention knows that Nagin and Veronica White are shameless liars. Prior to Katrina, Gambit Weekly was ready to admit it, but the Picayune was happy to blame the obvious lies on Charles Rice. Charles Rice is gone, but the lies are still obvious.

The point of that post was going to be that some people might owe Ralph Lupin an apology. You might recall that when Ralph Lupin sorta called Veronica White a bitch, Jarvis DeBerry explained to us that "bitch" is a racist term. I thought that Lupin's unfortunate choice of words reflected the exasperation of somebody who had been lied to. Since the dishonesty surrounding all of the dealings of the sanitation department is undeniable, doesn't Jarvis DeBerry owe Ralph Lupin an apology. Since DeBerry was once man enough to admit that he had cried, shouldn't he be man enough to admit that he was wrong. This would be pointless, except for the fact I expect Nagin to make another move to replace Lupin on the VCC.

Obviously, today's news overshadows all of the above. I don't have much to add to what's been said elsewhere, but when Michelle Krupa mentions campaign contributions by Metro Disposal, she should also mention Jimmie Woods' other companies, AMID Landfill and AMID/Metro Partnership, as well as Durr Construction -- Metro's partner in AMID. All can be found on Nagin's donor list; if one can be found contributing to Willard-Lewis, the others probably can be as well. Dangerblond discussed the meaning of unlimitted, but I will point out that the federal government took Veronica White at her word:
A FEMA spokesman said agency officials took into account the city's contracts with Richard's and Metro when deciding to halt free debris collection in New Orleans.

"The city has the ability to sustain future debris removal and (collection of) large items through their current municipal solid waste contractor(s)," spokesman Bob Josephson said, adding that FEMA officials learned about the unlimited bulky waste provisions because city leaders highlighted them to the press.

Beyond that see the discussion at b.rox.

"Bitch" is a racist term? I thought it was sexist. Or simply euphemistically descriptive of female dogs.
For a dude with a cracked skull, you sure write some excellent commentary. Especially great reference links in this one, too.

We'll have to keep an eye on what Nagin tries to do with Lupin.
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