Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Report on LSU message board activity

An email from somebody who follows that kind of stuff online:
Rumors abound that Miles to Michigan is a done deal. The rumor goes that he'll announce on Sunday or Monday and, get ready for this, Steve Spurrier will come and coach LSU. The other two names being mentioned, though I can't see it, are Saban and Del Rio. I do believe Saban would like to come back but he would lose any remaining credibility he had left if he bolted 'Bama after one year. Del Rio does have a daughter at LSU, coached for the Saints and his wife is from La., but why would he leave an NFL team that's in the playoff hunt every year?................Anyway, people who usually post credible stuff on the message boards are saying Spurrier is a done deal. Others are saying Saban badly wants back. Should be an interesting weekend.

That's internet message board stuff, so make of it what you want.

Ugh. Saban's not coming back. That is very silly.

But, if you think I was unhappy with Les Miles at LSU.... just wait until I get Steve fucking Spurrier to kick around. Please shoot me before this happens, btw
This sounds very unlikely.

But, I won't totally rule out the Spurrier thing, which seemed laughable at first, because perhaps Former UF Chancellor John Lombardi is working behind the scenes.

As someone who has neither a positive or negative feeling towards LSU football, that will change dramatically if I have to start seeing, hearing and reading about Spurrier on a regular basis.

Whatever Jeffrey has in mind will look like patty-cake compared to the Krackens I'll be unleashing on Steve.

My friend reads sites like Tiger Droppings (that's the name of one LSU fan site) when he's bored at work. He's was just giving a rundown on the main speculation. Apparently he knows the names of the regulr commenters well enough to know which actually tend to have some inside knowledge, and which are just brain farters. Apparently the more reliable contributors seem to think that it's going to be Spurrier -- he wouldn't be my first choice. Del Rio's intriguing, I was unaware of the LSU connection, but why would he? It wouldn't surprise if he Saban regrets leaving LSU enough that he'd like to go back -- at least, part of him might. But he knows he can't, I don't think that anybody that I'd listen to expects it to happen. I was just repeating what's being said on the LSU fan message boards.

I said Del Rio was intriguing, but I don't know about the move from pro to college. As good as Arnspager was, there were a few times that I thought he made calls that would have been better for the NFL game than the college game. More importantly, I suspect that the games are so different mentally and emotionally, that somebody who's become too used to the pro game might not have college coaching in him.
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