Saturday, November 03, 2007

An obvious WTF

To monitor the ambitious brick-and-mortar program, Nagin plans to establish a "project delivery unit" inside City Hall. The unit will serve a dual purpose: to help project managers navigate the city's bureaucratic maze and to guard against waste.
Times Picayune

Now let me see if I've got this straight, the mayor believes that the city is so broke that limited funding for an independent IG's office requires a "roll forward" of property tax millages. Yet, he believes that the city can afford to create a new office, presumably answerable to the mayor, to perform many of the duties of the IG's office. Am I reading that correctly? Hasn't the mayor been bringing us efficiency and transparency, instead of a bureaucratic maze, for six years? Will the paper report how much he's requesting for this office? Have any city council members noticed that questions about the mayor's integrity have finally spread beyond the blogosphere?

Right on the friggin' money! Does this idiot have anyone to bounce ideas off of and screen them? Is this just another one of his off-the-cuff ideas going nowhere? GIVE THE IG THE FUNDING HE NEEDS!!! We don't need more people sitting on their asses in City Hall. We need more people actually doing their jobs -- and being *rewarded* for doing a *good* job. What a concept! Oh, but Nagin is the "business" mayor. A lot of good that middle-level bureaucrat job in a monopoly did for his business acumen.
Let me see how crazy this is. The Mayor wants to spend money navigating the bureaucratic maze at city hall. I think the money would be better spent demolishing the maze.
I thought he had already claimed to have demolished the maze.
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