Saturday, November 17, 2007

NOPD Crime Map: Orleans Ave & Moss St.

The corner where I was hit in the head with a brick* on October 30. How much confidence can you have in a crime map that doesn't show an incident that leaves a victim with a fractured skull -- even it was only a hairline fracture?

*That's how a witness described it, and I believe that's what the police officer wrote down. It was actually a large piece of concrete from the demolition site on Moss between Toulouse and St. Peter.

It isn't important to notify citizens of crimes until a supervisor can sign off with 100 percent certainty that you really have a lump on your skull, and that confirmation can take weeks. Accuracy in knowing how many people are getting hurt requires that the NOPD notify you that you were in danger when they didn't report a crime problem which you fell victim to. It's a virtuous circle which empowers the NOPD, while incapacitating citizens' ability to arm themselves with information and vigilance.
I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you mean by your first sentence. The map says incidents from 10/03/07 to 11/02/07. I could understand a delay in seeing that map, an incomplete map shouldn't be posted. Proof should be easy enough, there witnesses, I have a hospital bill, and i think there's still a blood stain on the sidewalk.

The problem could be that it happened near the boundary of two districts and a policeman was waved down by a witness, while I was on the phone with the 911 operator. I believe he was third district and it actually occurred in the fifth district. I could always go federal since the guy did make a few racial slurs.
Oh, dear God! That's what happened????? The NOPD needs to have that on the maps, pronto. Period.
Not all crimes are placed on the map.
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