Friday, November 02, 2007


Today's column makes it obvious, James Gill has the same feelings for the mayor as the mayor has for new garage cans:
Adroit Nagin guides the DA offstage
Having stood firm against Jordan's supplications, Nagin adopted the role of political maestro.

If Gill turned his trademark wit on the mayor when he wasted city funds on expensive bombproof garbage cans two years ago, I missed it. I know that he didn't write anything about the city's announcement that those cans had been removed to be "cleaned and serviced" last year, and he still hasn't written anything about the decision to spend city funds to satisfy the mayor's desire for something large. When our real estate developer mayor, came up with a questionable plan to shake up the downtown real estate market, Gill showed his famous sarcasm, but none of it was aimed at the mayor. But with today's column, Gill completely embarrasses himself.

Since the city council is debating next year's budget, I will point out what one neglected fact about the mayor's apparent preference for length over girth, he city council must have approved last year's purchase of suitably long cans. Presumably, there will be another $335,000 for new cans buried somewhere in this year's budget request. Altogether, the mayor wants to spend half as much on new garbage as the IG's office. If he's not corrupt, he's crazy.

Why must the mayor insist on having a "munchkin sized" IG office?
he called him an adroit maestro?

that's different from incompetent embarrassment, right? i'm afraid i don't have a vocabulary rich enough to be absolutely sure.
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