Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crime Victim Reparations

You might recall that, in my last post, I mentioned a $2516.38 emergency room bill and wondered what kind of crime victim assistance program the city had. Oddly enough, WGNO news aired a story on the city's Crime Victims Fund, just last night. The timing, three days after I raised the subject, almost made me wonder whether anybody at WGNO, or anybody in the sheriff's office, read my blog. The glowing nature of the report and the results of a recent state audit, might give a cynic other reasons wonder about the timing. To be fair, I can't imagine any elected sheriff not taking advantage of the PR resources of that office. I couldn't link directly to the video clip, but it's easy to find on the WGNO link (Crime Victims Fund 11/21/07 Michael Hill ). More information on the crime victims program can be found here.

Hmmm...just in time for Thanksgiving, too, huh?
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