Sunday, October 14, 2007

Uhura in New Orleans


I decided to take a class on Monday nights, so I haven't been able to watch "Heroes" this year. I finally used the show's website to watch the three episodes episodes that have aired this season and found the new season a bit of a disappointment. The first disappointment was George Takei's recurring character was killed off before we even found what was his powers were, but mainly, I've had more curiousity about what happened between seasons than what will happen this season. How did Sylar keep his memory but lose his powers, while Peter kept his powers but lost his memory? How did another character take a job as a Kinko's assistant manager but keep his very affluent lifestyle? At any rate, the decision to bring back Syler and Peter is reason enough to stop watching. Their accumulated powers were getting ridiculous at the end of the first season, and the actor who plays Peter does a really annoying Keanu Reeves impersonation.

I was ready to give up on the show until the end of the third episode, when one of the characters brought her son to live with "Nana" in new Orleans. The characters arrive at Nana's house in what appears to be a desolate neighborhood, but it seemed desolate than devastated. Well, it was only one shot. They knocked on the door and Nichelle Nichols answered, with what sounded like a ridiculous accent. Well, it was only one line. They killed off Sulu but beamed in Uhura, I guess Hiro isn't the only character who does time travel. If a report on Wikipedia is correct, the New Orleans subplot could get really interesting or, more likely, just plain silly. One of the New Orleans characters is described as "an avenging angel intent on bringing justice to prevalent corruption." Since it's a different network, she probably won't be hooking up with Boulet and Cobb.

Update: Dave Walker wrote an article that I missed. Also, Nichelle Nicholls didn't put on an accent when she had more lines. Either she decided against it, or I misheard her first line.

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It's "Nichelle Nichols", believe it or not.

And when I want to see her, I'll dial up my favorite Star Trek episode:

Plato's Stepchildren
Thanks, I could easily claim it was a typo because N and M are next to each other, but that explains why I had trouble finding a decent link.

Of course, I did correct it.
I've only been able to watch the last couple of "Heroes" from last season. Good to hear it's still doing its thing...and opposite that joke of a teevee show supposedly 'bout New Orleans...
I like Heroes but I have a real issue with how they are dealing with New Orleans.

One... referring to post Katrina New Orleans is almost becoming cliche'. I get the feeling that Heroes is doing it, not because they are altruistic, but because everyone else is doing it.

Two... a character from New Orleans said "county" and not "parish". That is just sloppy.

Three... it really doesn't look like they filmed it in New Orleans. Are there any yellow hydrants?

It wont make me stop watching the show, but it does annoy me.
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