Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reality Check

When in your lifetime have Louisiana's leaders looked out for anyone but themselves?

Listening to the Republican Governor's Association commercial, you'd think that, in the election four years ago, Bobby Jindal was running to be the first Republican governor since Reconstruction. Since they say that Jindal was our chance to bring "honor and wisdom" to state government, the implication is that he he was running to replace a fool and a scoundrel. In fact, the election was to succeed Jindal's mentor, sponsor and fellow Republican, Mike Foster. Since Foster served as governor for four years, one can only wonder why Republican governors would ask such a question.

Of course, they'd probably say something about Foster's hands being tied by a Democratic controlled state legislature, and they'd expect you to believe it. The fact is, foster was a very strong governor. Strong enough that when he really wanted to push through a tough reform over the opposition of entrenched special interests, he not only bent the legislature to his will, the state supreme court went along as well. Thanks to Foster, we no longer have "a bunch of big fat professors drawing big paychecks to run people out of Louisiana." Actually, Foster was one of two strong governors that the state had in my memory (if not lifetime) and used that power to limit the ability of law school legal clinics to represent poor people. He could have pushed for real reform, but that's what our last Republican governor thought was important. He also helped pass the Stelly Plan, but most Republicans don't like that reform.

On the other hand, Walter Boasso spearheaded a real reform that even impressed Adam Nossiter. Yet, the Republicans would have you believe that Boasso is part of the "corruption crowd" and Jindal is the reform candidate. The Republicans think you're stupid.

For more reasons to vote against Jindal, see Cenlamar and YRHT. Go to the home page and scroll down in both cases. There's more worth reading than I have time to link to individually.

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