Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

"In Louisiana, we all outsmart ourselves too often."

It might have been "too much, too often." Guess who said it and what he was talking about.

It was Rob Couhig talking about voting strategies. Yep, Rob Couhig actually said that we tend to overthink who we vote for. The tape of the 7 a.m. show isn't on the website yet. It should be up this afternoon; I didn't hear the slightest trace of irony or humor in Couhig's voice. One odd thing I've noticed about Couhig is that he'll make the occasional criticism of Nagin, but he'd much rather criticize Blakely. He almost sounds like a jealous child. I actually think that has something to do with the reasons he and Boulet both endorsed Nagin and their public statements since. I'll have more on that tonight.

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