Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Funny or Outrageous?

Shouldn't they have bought him a villa on the French Riviera?
Jay Lapeyre, the president of the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region, acknowledged that business leaders, Nagin and Jordan discussed finding the district attorney -- his professional reputation deeply scarred -- a way to make a living after leaving office. Lapeyre wouldn't outline where and how those discussions took place.

"Mr. Jordan has some skills," Lapeyre said. "The challenge was to match those skills up for some period of time. That is what we tried to work through."

The mayor, Lapeyre said, played a key role in crafting the strategy.

"We were simply supporting Mayor Nagin's approach," he said.

I've suffered a head injury, so limited posting while I have headaches. Skull fracture, but only a hairline fracture that will heal on its own. Details when I'm up to it.

Holy crap! Be well, dude. Take care of yourself.
Ouch. Get well soon. I'd love to hear your perspective on today's garbage contract news.
Yikes. Take good care of yourself. No more headbanging for you, mister.
Get some good drugs.
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