Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fitzmas, New Orleans Style

I had no idea that Michael at 2millionth weblog coined the term Fitzmas. Unfortunately, early indications are that Shepherd's bombshell will lead to more speculation about Letten's next move than questions about Nagin's actual conduct.

I can understand (understand, not condone) that fear of the "bias" charge or of hindering the recovery has caused the local press to be somewhat restrained in its reporting about the Nagin administration, but it's time to start asking some serious questions. Even if Shepherd is just firing a warning shot or blowing smoke, it wouldn't be "bias" for a local paper or television station to start asking whether there's any reason to believe Shepherd's allegations about the mayor. If the mayor's press secretary's response is that the charges must be false because the mayor is a "champion of transparency," one would expect the response to be "what transparency?" I expect the response to be that if Nagin's done anything wrong, the FBI will let us know.

Bernazzanimas? Thanksletten? Jack-o'-letten? Sinn Fein, y'all.

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Yeah, isn't that hilarious? I didn't know I "coined" it either, until I was free-range internet browsing a while back and stumbled upon that and the then Wikipedia entry...wheeee-eee! my brush with internet fame...although I get the feeling the "unrelated development" is where the term took off.

Hmmm...I like "Shepherd's bombshell," but how about "Letten the spotlight shine?" I dunno...
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