Sunday, September 09, 2007

Old News

Mominem had an interesting post last year:
Often in the early days people were hired not for their demonstrated ability but for their local connections.
I've often wondered what Ray did for Cox before he came here to fix their problems. I've often suspected Cox viewed their problem as a regulatory/governmental problem and sent a "government relations expert" to solve it.

I came across a couple of interesting quotes from the 2002 mayoral election. Couldn't find working links, so I'll include the headline, date and reporters' name in both cases.

Nagin ran on his business background:
March 1, 2002 Friday

Tired candidates limp toward Saturday's finish;
Lightening up on the mud, they make one last pitch for undecideds

BYLINE: By Gordon Russell,; Frank Donze; and Stephanie Grace; Staff writers

Nagin cast himself as a corporate turnaround artist who had energized a once-moribund cable-television franchise, while Pennington touted his role in cleaning up a corruption-ridden police force and cutting the city murder rate in half.

Marc Morial seemed to think that he had something to do with the turnaround of the "moribund franchise":
February 4, 2002 Monday

Runoff battle opens cordially;
N.O. mayoral candidates promise clean campaigns

BYLINE: By Frank Donze; and Gordon Russell; Staff writers

"I don't lean toward either of them, to be quite honest," Morial said. "I have worked closely with them. I worked with Ray Nagin to bring the Brass here. I worked with Ray Nagin on a new franchise agreement for Cox Cable in 1995. Certainly, I recruited Richard Pennington to come here."

I may post the second article at The Nagin Files, I did post an interesting article about the hockey franchise.

Finally, a quote from YRHT:
Here's a piece of information for our Republican friends: believe it or not, the Morial machine is shattered beyond repair. I know how well those nightmares about blacks on buses (being paid to go from poll to poll) animates you, but I'm sorry to say it just doesn't hold anymore. If Morial's machine were even a shadow of its former self, LIFE would have delivered more votes for Landrieu.

Yeah, the machine is shattered; and Nagin is the leader of one the factions that it broke into. Maybe David White or Roy Rodney is the actual head; that's irrelevant. The important facts are obvious to anybody who cares to pay attention.

The old system is the weakest it's ever been, and that includes the Uptown, and country club, Proteus, etc. sets.

We are defiantly at some kind of critical juncture. If there ever was a time to make some kind of change, this is it. The best thing going for reform right now is that the old school organizations do not see the threat. They believe this will all blow over (a possibility) and the peasants will get back in line, and everything will be like it was. That and have only one play book.
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