Tuesday, September 04, 2007

John Kennedy loses himself

I didn't finish the thought in a comment at YRHT, but John Kennedy's comments on the Blanco budget made me think that he was an anti-Stelly conservative who wanted to repeal Stelly by stealth. If he thinks that permanent spending increases are irresponsible because the surplus won't last, he must know that lost tax revenue will need to be replaced when the surplus disappears. He also knows that a future budget shortfall caused by a reduction in income tax rates is more likely to be made up by a "temporary" "emergency" sales tax than a restoration of income tax rates. If he thinks the Stelly Plan* should be repealed, he should come out and say so.

Still, that alone doesn't make him a cowardly weasel, but his new commercial is funny, just not in the way that he intends. Kennedy's quite the profile in courage standing up against spending money on lawn mower races, but you may have noticed that the source listed at the bottom of the screen is The Washington Times. Apparently, the illustrious journal published an article about the Morehouse Equine Center that contained the following:
Supporters of the $4million Morehouse Parish Equine Center say it will give a much-needed boost to the economy.

Jimmy Christmas, center chairman, says it will be used for horse, cow, dog, goat and art shows; rodeos; auctions; crawfish festivals; lawn-mower races; religious functions; an animal shelter; and a community center.

I have no idea whether Mr. Christmas was joking about the lawn-mower races, or if lawn-mower racing really is a popular pasttime in Morehouse Parish. Though the project may well be wasteful pork barrel spending (it sounds like it to me), it's obvious that nobody proposed a taxpayer-funded lawn-mower racing complex. If Kennedy thinks that the Morehouse Equine Center is a waste of taxpayer dollars, he should take a stand against that, not a stand against mythical, taxpayer-funded lawn-mower racing. Of course, that would risk alienating the 30,000 residents of Morehouse Parish. I guess that would be too many voters to take a stand against. Kennedy should reread Kierkegaard.

*For anybody unfamiliar with the Stelly plan, PAR explains it -- PAR is not a liberal group. It considers itself non-partisan, opinions of PAR vary.

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I notice that Kennedy is now unopposed.

I think his ads were directed at his potential legislative opponents, a sort of shot across the bow.

He has an ongoing feud with some in the legislature. I think thats good. We need more open conflict.
You might be right, I thought it was grandstanding to build a base for future campaigns. I'm the equine center was wasteful spending, but I hate that kind of distorted attack. It insults the intelligence of La. voters (well, whatever) and shows a lack of courage on his part.
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