Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How many ways can you say, "Duh?"

Nagin was serious about running for governor. I have no idea whether he still is, but he was serious a few months ago. I thought it was plausible, but I didn't think it was likely that he would run. While looking for information for a follow-up to something that I wrote about the mayor constantly bulldozing the city council, I realized that there's been no follow-up to another article about the mayor that appeared in May. Since that was about the time that the speculation about Nagin's fundraising began to heat up, I can't believe that nobody made the connection*:
N.O. plans to hire PR firm
Marketing pro will focus on evacuees

Mayor Ray Nagin's administration is poised to spend $100,000 to hire a marketing firm to help the city disseminate information about the status of the recovery to displaced New Orleanians as well as those who are back home.

Plans call for the marketing consultant to employ every method to reach displaced residents, including the Internet, radio, television, newspapers and billboards.


If the costs allow, the Nagin administration is hoping to reach up to five evacuee hubs: Houston; Dallas; Atlanta; Jackson, Miss.; and Mobile, Ala.

The information the city is looking to distribute runs the gamut from the number of potholes, traffic signals and street lights that have been repaired to how many flooded-out structures have been torn down or tagged for demolition to the status of air service at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

No information about absentee voting? I thought that maybe the contract had been awarded while I was on vacation and I had missed it, but nothing about it turns up on either a Google or Lexisnexis search. If Nagin does decide to run, you can bet that the contract will be announced in short order and there will be more information about absentee voting than potholes.

Even if the mayor doesn't run for governor, it might be worth $100,000 of city money for the mayor to get out his message in favor of the right city council candidate. With Head and Fielkow (I won't use the nickname this time) starting to behave like Midura, we're only one vote away from an obstructionist city council that won't give the mayor everything he needs to lead the city to a full recovery -- like a weakened IG's office:
Even so, the ordinance was extensively rewritten Thursday with approval of a six-page amendment incorporating dozens of last-minute changes sought by Mayor Ray Nagin's administration.

Let's get real, mayor "stretch every dollar" has a $600,000 per year PR staff, but that's for media relations, so he needs another $100,000 to reach evacuees. Mayor "transparency' has six spokespersons and all six refuse to answer questions. With that in mind, optional reading that may be of interest.

*If anybody did make the connection, I apologize for missing it or forgetting it. Let me know by comment or email.

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