Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Code Words

I don't know if Kenya Smith's statement was subtle enough to qualify as code:
“This hardworking, dedicated employee was absolutely disrespected,” said Kenya Smith with the Department of Intergovernmental Relations. “She is not to be treated like a child. She is not to be treated like a piece of property.”

I'm afraid that it's going to be a long two years if a candidate who will stand up to Nagin is elected to fill Thomas' city council seat, because I don't believe that any of the major black candidates fill that bill. Cynthia Willard-Lewis is more likely to challenge the mayor than either of the African-Americans who are likely to run as reformers. I suspect that we'll see an effort to present CPA Tommie Vassel as a businessman reformer, I don't know anything about Vassel's time on the school board, but it's pretty clear that Nagin appointed his (sorta) former business partner to the S&WB as a friendly vote for his failed privatization effort. There's also Diane Bajoie, I suppose that it's possible that a long-time state legislator and SOUL member will be an agent of change; I wouldn't worry about her history of receiving campaign contributions from gambling interests at all.

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It seems that Nagin is winning the political battle over this Coucil oversight issue. As long as it can be made to look and feel like a racially motivated "browbeating" then this is as far as it goes.

The weird parallels with similar power struggles between the Congress and President are interesting. In yesterday's paper, Quiett accused Head of acting inappropriately by bringing up this matter on the "anniversary of Katrina" as though it were unpatriotic or something.

Any day now, I'm expecting Nagin to start claiming his critics are either with us or with the hurricane.
I can't believe how quickly the Mayor went back on his promises to release the information and resort to racial profiling.
FWIW, Head was on WWL a little while ago saying she'd received a phone call saying Pamela Smith would be made available to her after all. Don't exactly know how to read that...
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