Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two Long Shot Campaigns

A hypothetical candidacy in which an also-ran could personally benefit from a losing campaign:
State Sen. Cleo Fields knew he had almost no chance of winning when he ran for governor in 1995, but he still made the runoff. Fields' campaign made him the most important black political voice in Louisiana for almost a decade. His star faded when the FBI caught him on video taking $20,000 from Edwin Edwards and stuffing it down his trousers,

A declared candidacy in which an also-ran's country could benefit from his losing campaign:
John Edwards trails in third place. But his policy ideas are shaping the Democratic presidential race
The combination of bold goals and mainstream means is evident in two other Edwards plans: health care and energy reform. And it is why his campaign, regardless of its electoral fortunes, is shaping the Democratic race. Unable to dismiss his proposals as crazy radicalism, the other candidates have to be both bolder and more detailed than they would like.
But even if the man himself does not make it, the Democrats' presidential platform will be shaped by Mr Edwards's plans.

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