Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still smelling a rat

In a recent post, I wonder whether there was a connection between the Siege of Bienville and Nagin's unexplained proposal to move the VA hospital. The connection does seem tenuous, but this is interesting:
It's not clear how many of the nine arrangements spelled out in the document came to fruition. Some clearly did not, such as a plan to buy the shuttered City Hall annex at 2400 Canal St. from the city, and a plan to redevelop some property across Loyola Avenue from the civil court complex.

Is it possible that Gordon Russell got that wrong? Russell's a top notch reporter, but the article was about a counter letter.

At any rate, that January article is worth re-reading for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it reveals that Morial administration officials had been the subject of wire taps as far back as 2001. If it took that long for sentences to be handed out, don't expect Nagin to go down anytime soon -- even if the FBI is interested.

Also, it's a reminder of of the insistence of Times Picayune writers on referring to Roy Rodney as a close Morial ally. As Adrastos and I pointed out at the time, Rodney's ties to Nagin are at least as strong as ties to Morial. Of course, Barre was also a business partner of Nagin's. Hell, Nagin and David White were once Nagin supporters*.
Correction: the last line should read, "Nagin and White were once Morial supporters."

*If you don't want to read the lengthy article, skip down to about fifth-to-last paragraph.

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Do you mean that QWhite and Nagin were once MORIAL supporters?

But I do think that it should be pretty obvious that any problems between Nagin and Morial have more to do with a power struggle than any kind of reformer/corrupt pol type of thing.
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