Saturday, August 11, 2007

Six Has a Funny Side

WDSU just had Charles Rice on to discuss the indictment of Oliver Thomas on charges dealing with an illegal parking scheme. Charles Rice wasn't on to discuss technical aspects of parking contracts, he was on to discuss the political implications of the news.

If Rice has any idea what he's talking about, it could get ugly. He mentioned James Carter as a likely candidate. But I seem to remember Adrastos saying that Rice tended to a worthless analyst.

Carp. If we ever needed a white knight, somebody from outside the political mainstream, to ride now is the time.

Oh, wait. Nagin was that white night from outside the political mainstream.

Never mind.

Hell, maybe Karen Gadbois should try to get appointd and run.(See Metroblogs)

What I don't see is anyone in the Black community who's ready so stand above the revenge race baiting, with some idea of how to run a large enterprise. I wonder what Collin Powell is doing these days.

Enough ramblings. I need coffee to really digest this news. All I know is that if this takes out the leading candidate for mayor, it throws the race into a space where we might actually be able to elect someone without all the baggage of our current set of likely suspects and who has better bona fides than Nagin did.
I wish we could morph the best qualities of all of us who have participated in the Recovery efforts.

Make one giant mega Candidate to kick some asses.
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