Sunday, July 15, 2007

Probably Too Late

Other bloggers have already written about a protest and demand for Jordan's resignation in front of the Cabildo tomorrow. If you're interested in participating in ABC's town hall meeting in the Cabildo, I was forwarded the following email Friday:
Monday morning,

Cabildo to be site of “Good Morning America ”

Television Town Hall

on Poverty and Rebuilding in New Orleans

ABC News/Good Morning America is conducting a special town hall meeting in New Orleans with Senator John Edwards. The town hall will take place on Monday, July 16th and hosted live by Diane Sawyer in the Cabildo in the French Quarter from 6:00am to 8:00am Central Time.

We're looking for a diverse group of 60 people to be part of our live studio audience, all ages and backgrounds welcome. The theme of the town hall is poverty with a focus on rebuilding New Orleans. Participants would need to arrive by 5:00 am, and MUST be credentialed.

Please contact me or Monica Escobedo at the below email or phone number with your full names, and contact information if interested. (You must pre-register by e-mailing to one of the producers below.) You will be asked to show ID upon arrival in order to obtain your credential.

ABC's Good Morning America is hosted by Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, and Chris Cuomo.

Feel free to call/email me or my colleague Monica Escobedo with questions, as we look forward to your participation. Our contact information is below. Please forward this on to potentially interested parties.

Thanks so much,


Ariane Nalty Zewe
ABC News
Good Morning America
415.203.7183 (cell)

Monica Escobedo
ABC News
Good Morning America
212.456.5993 (work)
646.325.3886 (cell)

It's probably to late to be chosen, but it can't hurt to try. I forgot all about it until I saw Dambala's post because I'll have a horrible day at work if I try to get up that early. For those who who remember the Charles Zewe who went from local news to CNN, Ariane seems to be his daughter-in-law.

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