Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Still Curious About Vitter's Finances

In a recent post I mentioned the fact that Vitter's visits to the Canal Street brothel would have begun not only around the same time that his wife had children, but also at the same time that the couple built a large new home on Metairie Road. A new house and small children usually limit the optional spending of even the most prosperous couples; I would hope that somebody is looking at his tax returns for the time period in question.

Even if it turns out that visits to the Canal Street Brothel, paid trysts away from the brothel and visits to the D.C. Madam would not have put a strain on his finances, there are other reasons to question whether somebody else paid for Vitter's activities. Both Jim Letten and (Maier's attorney) Vinny Mosca say that they don't recall Vitter's name from lists of Maier's clients, and by all accounts, Vitter's wife had no knowledge that this was going on. Stephanie Grace's column in today's Picayune doesn't make Wendy Vitter seem like a wife who would fail to notice money missing from the family checking account. It's entirely reasonable to question whether Vitter broke any laws governing gifts from lobbyists.

Addition: Schroeder also notes that this isn't just about sex. Whenever a politician is involved in a personal scandal, people who agree with a politician politically are more likely to view it as a private matter or unimportant. That's true for both Republican and Democratic politicians, but I really don't see how "law and order' conservatives can say hat in this case. For more on Vitter. keep reading YRHT and NOLA-dishu.

Yep, the man broke the law in one way many times. Who's to say he didn't break it in another way many times?

Maybe this is a possible reason why the state GOP will be closing ranks and shoring up Diaper Dave's sorry ass. Pay no attention to the money behind our curtains, kids...
I could well be barking up the wrong tree, but there's an obvious financial difference in seeing a prostitute and having an affair with a neighbor or coworker. I figured somebody should at least mention it.
I think this is a worthwhile query, but would be hard to prove, assuming Vitter was remotely smart about withdrawing cash. (A big assumption, I know.)

In 1999, Vitter was chided by another candidate for saying that the construction of Vitter's mini-mansion in Metairie was "stressful" for him. Details here
Vitter's Finances...
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