Thursday, July 12, 2007

Easy Incendiary Post Pt. 2

The following is basically a fragment of something I couldn't finish two weeks ago when my computer was broken. Can't remember everything I had planned to write but today's (and yesterday's) paper made me decide to run with what I had. I checked when I was preparing to post and I believe that I found Bryan & Jupiter on Nagin's list of 2002 campaign donors -- I'll verify with LexisNexis when I'm able to. One $5,000 contribution doesn't prove anything, but it was just another sign that we, most of the, ignored that Nagin was a phony reformer -- back in 2002.

From the earlier Easy Incendiary Post:
In other actions, all by unanimous votes, the council:

-- Gave the local law firm of Bryan & Jupiter a three-month extension, to Sept. 30, to complete its report on how to revise the chapter of the city code that regulates taxis and other for-hire vehicles. The firm was awarded a contract in January 2005 to revise the chapter, which many people in the transportation industry have said is rife with contradictions, omissions and confusion. In its proposal, Bryan & Jupiter said it expected to bill the city about $147,650 for the work, although the figure could go higher. Councilwoman Cynthia Willard-Lewis said the extension was necessary because of delays caused by Katrina.

Way too easy

Prior to running for elected office, Jefferson founded the law firm, Jefferson, Bryan and Gray (now Bryan and Jupiter),

From Thursday's Picayune:
Gill Pratt was accompanied by lawyer Trevor Bryan, a principal in William Jefferson's old law firm, now known as Bryan and Jupiter. It is not known what connection -- if any -- Gill Pratt has to the case beyond her close ties to the Jefferson family.

Now we read that the airport wants Disneyland-like cab service. The Picayune doesn't say that the airport is acting on advice contained in the Bryan & Jupiter report, but it's reasonable to assume some connection. Also, nobody would deny that cab service at the airport needs improvement However, once again, the Nagin administration can't just fix an obvious problem, it needs to bring in politically connected firms to overhaul everything*. Sound familiar?

*e.g. every cab painted the same color, WTF?

Almost $150k to re-write a section of the City Code? Ridiculous. Any experienced and knowledgeable draftsman could do it for a fraction of that price. The Clerk of the City Council has staffers who do this for a living. What particular skill do these guys have?
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