Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's Her Angle?

Why would a state representative from Morgan City care whether the LSU Medical School was located in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. I can't imagine that a move from N.O. to B.R. would benefit Morgan City in any way. Yet Carla Dartez of Morgan City introduced a bill urging LSU officials to consider such a move. Her explanation makes little sense:
Dartez, a Democrat, said House Concurrent Resolution 171, which asks the LSU Board of Supervisors to consider the move, is designed to ensure that each major region of the state has its own medical school. "It's about getting health care for the people where the people are populated,"

Tulane is a privately funded university, the location of its medical school should have no bearing on the location of LSU's medical school. Actually, it should have a great bearing on the location-- having the two schools in the same city could lead to research opportunities that would benefit the economy of the entire state. The other part of her rationale is entirely nonsensical, health care is not dependent upon proximity to a medical school.

I suppose that it was too much to hope that Rita and Katrina would help bring about a more united South Louisiana voting bloc as everybody from Lake Charles to Pearl River realized that they a common interest in rebuilding, coastal restoration and flood protection, but why anybody from Morgan city want to see the population shift to Baton Rouge made permanent? Dartez is crazy if she thinks that people with no interest in coastal restoration aren't going to try figure out a way to get their hands on the increased offshore revenue. She's a Democrat, so it's probably not some twisted partisan plot to shrink the population of the state's biggest Democratic stronghold.

So what's her motivation? Is she angry about Rita being the "forgotten" hurricane?
Well, fuck bitch, CNN isn't divvying up the Road Home money.

I don't know if there's any way to find out whether Dartez has real estate holdings or other business dealings in Baton Rouge, but it's got to be something. I guess that the more obvious thing would be look for some Baton Rouge area legislator to introduce a bill that would benefit the Morgan City area. Not that everybody in Baton Rouge would welcome more growth.

Maybe the bill is no big deal, but, as a Picayune editorial points out, Dartez' resolution was cosponsored by over a dozen other legislators, including one from St. Tammany. I don't know whether the sudden demotion of Donald Smithburg is any cause for alarm, but he had supported keeping the school in New Orleans.

Perhaps its just her doing a favor for a legislator from B.R. or St Tam who wanted to avoid untoward appearances.

"You introduce this, I'll cosponsor and shepherd it thru, and I'll owe you a favor later."

That sorta thing.
That's what I meant by look for some B.R. legislator to introduce a bill that would benefit Morgan City. Can't see where St. Tam benefits. If South Louisiana legislators keep acting like they don't have any community of interest, we're all gonna be screwed.
Smithburg is a jerk who rubbbed people the wrong way including legislators. His removal is a plus.
One word comes to mind: "alumnae".
If South Louisiana legislators keep acting like they don't have any community of interest, we're all gonna be screwed.

Or to put it briefly... We're all screwed.
I've been to Southwest Louisiana and visited the area Rita Damaged. It is tough on the residents. There just aren't very many of them. It isn't good TV when Grand Chenier or beach cabins at Holly Beach get destroyed.

I also just returned for the area of Florida Hurricane Dennis devastated.

Sorry, not the same thing. Did this legislator come to the session held in New Orleans by Blanco?

I'm sure someone put her up to it.
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