Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Notes

Allen Eskew of the "Reinventing the Crescent" planning team will give a presentation on the latest plans for the Reverfront at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel at 7:00 tonight, with socializing to begin at 6:30. Since the mayor is more interested in big projects involving cranes and bulldozers than small things involving hammers and nails, the NOBC probably has a bigger budget for refreshments than the NORA has for air conditioning, but I don't think NOBC is sponsoring this meeting. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend.

The Louisiana Weekly has an editorial that pretty much blasts everybody in the state, local and federal governments:
Making matters worse, there are very few local, state or federal elected officials who have consistently represented the interests of those most affected by these man-made and natural disasters. When we've needed them the most, these elected officials have been nowhere to be found.

The physical devastation Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused cannot hold a candle to the psychological and emotional damage caused by indifferent and inept elected officials,

Like many still grappling with adversity in post-Katrina Louisiana, I blame the mayor, City Council, state legislature, governor, president and Congress for the ongoing woes of this region. Shame on your for blaming everyone but yourself for Shame on you for not rising to the challenges that face this city and state. Shame on you for failing to live up to your campaign promises. Shame on you for failing miserably to secure the blessings of liberty for the decent, hard-working people of this city and state.

All the spinning and finger-pointing in the world won't absolve any of those elected to represent the interests of this city and state from their role in this miscarriage of justice.

Somebody somewhere needs to step up and provide true leadership in this age of ineptitude and chicanery.

For the time being, no one fitting that description seems to be on the

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