Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Questions for Tommye Myrick

I hate to take a hostile tone toward somebody whose entire life holdings were lost to Katrina, but great loss doesn't add any authority to the defense of a corrupt deal that promises to be the first of many -- if we let them get away with it. Just curious, had you been listening to WWL before you wrote your letter to the editor? It sounded awfully reminiscent of something that I heard Tommy Tucker or some WWL DJ say; it may well have been Bob Mitchell. At any rate, the close-minded blowhard kept saying that it was selfish of the relatively unhurt people in the Quarter to worry about garbage carts when so many people lost everything. He even asked how people in devastated areas could help but resent people in the (mostly unhurt) French Quarter for wasting energy on such a trivial issue when there were so many more important things to worry about. It seemed to me that the DJ got it exactly backwards -- why was the city council wasting energy on new laws about garbage collection in the French Quarter when there were so many more important things to worry about? Doesn't that seem like the more important question to you? For that matter, why did the city council need to pass a new law at all? Veronica White insists that the old law mandated that owners of buildings with more than four units pay for private collection, so why the need for a new law mandating private collection if it already was the old law? Seems like the government of a city with so many residents who had lost everything could find more important things to do, don't you think?

Seriously, I'll have to do at least one more post on the subject because I'm mystified at the lack of outrage. I can't figure out why more bloggers don't post on the subject and more people don't write letters to the editor. If a mayor who promises transparency can get away with keeping the details of new contracts that more than double the cost of garbage collection secret until its too late for the council to turn him down, how far do you expect Blakely's Billion to go?

I know I'm getting repetitive so I'll quote an Time Picayune article (from Aug. 31, 2006) about Sandy Rosenthal of levees.org that no longer seems to be available online:
At the start of her effort, Rosenthal said she trusted the advice of former lobbyist and blogger C.B. Forgotston.

"He said keep saying your message; keep saying it over and over," Rosenthal said. "He said when people get tired of hearing it, you're beginning to get somewhere.

Not that I'd be presumptuous enough to compare myself to anybody else or use something as important as flood protection to justify my own preaching.

Well if the guy was evil or good he will get what he deserves, because life just work like that.
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