Friday, June 01, 2007


This post is not about Ronald Reagan:
"God, he's a bore. And a bad actor. Besides, he has a low order of intelligence, with a certain cunning. And not animal cunning, Human cunning. Animal cunning is too fine an expression for him. He's inflated, he's egotistical -- he's one of those people who thinks he is right, and he's not right. He's not right about anything."

Fred Thompson? Ian McGibboney?
I've thought about that old Rolling Stone interview from time to time since Bush's election and tried to remember the exact words that Huston used. Some recent talk about Nagin made me decide to see if the quote was available online.
I'd never seen a lot of those quotes before.

My fave is Margaret Thatcher's: "Poor Dear, there's nothing between his ears."
Nagin has human cunning? Since when?
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