Saturday, May 19, 2007

Training For What?

The Picayune reports that the mayor and most of his staff are leaving town for a training exercise:
In what may be a first for New Orleans city government, Nagin and most of his high-level aides are heading out of town Sunday for a weeklong Federal Emergency Management Agency-sponsored emergency management training seminar.

The trip to the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Md., which is being paid for by the federal government, offers what FEMA describes on its Web site as a combination of classroom lectures and discussions, small-group planning sessions and practical exercises.


Participants in the simulated disaster exercises will be assigned roles similar to their real-life jobs in an effort to help identify potential deficiencies in the city's emergency planning.

Trying to remember, what exactly is the mayor's role?:
But where was New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin? City Hall was equipped to be the emergency operations center. But according to historian and author Doug Brinkley, Nagin was holed up there in the penthouse suite of the Hyatt Hotel.

In the new book "The Great Deluge," Brinkley says Nagin was overwhelmed by what was happening and, worse, he says Nagin was criminally negligent.

DOUG BRINKLEY, HISTORIAN & AUTHOR: Mayor Nagin hid up on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Hotel as far away from the morass and the anarchy as possible. He was putting -- in my opinion as a historian and doing research -- his personal safety and ego over people.

I wonder if Nagin will turn off his CrackBerry during the seminar....I doubt it. Hell I bet he blows the whole thing off.
I just wondered how much training it takes to learn how to hide in a hotel room.
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