Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Town Hall Education Meeting

WHAT: District A Town Hall Education Meeting

WHY: To Introduce the New RSD Superintendent (Paul Vallas)

To Inform Constituents About School Facilities and Their Future (Jim Grady)

To Give An Update on School Crosswalks and School Zones (Robert Mendoza)

WHERE: Jesuit High School, 4133 Banks Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

St. Ignatius Hall (2nd Floor)

WHEN: Wednesday, May 9th, 7PM

WHO: New Orleans City Councilmember Shelley Midura

State Superintendent of Education – Paul Pastorek

Recovery School District Superintendent – Paul Vallas

Alvarez and Marsal – Jim Grady

Robert Mendoza – Director of Public Works

Are you among those in attendance? Will there be a report?
i was there. it was contentious as expected, but i left hopeful. blogged about it earlier today.
Anybody note the irony that it's at Jesuit?
No Jeffrey, I didn't go. I just figured that if Midura's office is going to reach out to bloggers we should acknowledge the effort. I won't be a mouthpiece for any councilperson, but I will announce meetings. I guess the test willl be how her office is about answering questions, now that they've sent out emails. But I do plan on attending that Riverfront meeting next Wednesday, it's ridiculous that NORA's in the paper a couple of times a week, but we never hear anything about NOBC.

Yeah, that is funny Ashley. Isn't Jesuit where just about all the District A meetings are held? I guess it would be taken as a sign of favoritism if meetings were held in either Lakeview or the part of Uptown that's in the district.
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