Thursday, May 31, 2007

They Deserve a Second Chance

After all, the nation re-elected Bush and the city re-elected Nagin, but if this doesn't merit a spot in the WTF department, I can't even begin to imagine what does:
The state has finalized an agreement on evacuation buses just in time for hurricane season.

Landstar will provide up to 700 coach buses and 20 more that will carry people with disabilities.

Landstar (updated link):
Though it was well-known that New Orleans, much of it below sea level, would flood in a major hurricane, Landstar, the Jacksonville company that held a federal contract that at the time was worth up to $100 million annually for disaster transportation, did not ask its subcontractor, Carey Limousine, to order buses until the early hours of Aug. 30, roughly 18 hours after the storm hit, according to Sally Snead, a Carey senior vice president who headed the bus roundup.

Landstar inquired about the availability of buses on Sunday, Aug. 28, and earlier Monday, but placed no orders, Snead said.

She said Landstar turned to her company for buses Sunday after learning from Carey's Internet site that it had a meetings and events division that touted its ability to move large groups of people. "They really found us on the Web site," Snead said.

Yep, Landstar

Oh, that's just ducky.

Can we depend on more Bush crony companies to keep us safe from disaster?
It was the state that picked them. Wonder if they bought off people in the state government, or if there's pressure from the feds about who to pick, or if they just felt the need to announce a contract and hoped it wouldn't get tested.
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