Monday, May 21, 2007

Rob Couhig Gets it Half-Right

Rob Couhig did make some interesting comments about the mayor on his 7am show last Tuesday. Scroll down to
Rob & Bo - 5/15/07 - 7a to 8a
Guest: State Senator Julie Quinn.

The comments about the mayor were made at the beginning of the show, so no fast-forwarding around required to hear Couhig's assessment of the mayor.

Briefly, Couhig says that it's a mistake to assume that Nagin has interest in running the city. In fact, he's set up Blakely to do that, so that Nagin can concentrate on his real concern which is "star power." Like all politicians, -- refreshingly, Couhig did acknowledge that Nagin is a politician -- Nagin is interested in his next job and is more worried about his next position than in running the city. After some speculation between Couhig and Bo Walker about what that might be, Couhig goes on to criticize Nagin's failure to build any kind of support for a legislative agenda.

At any rate, Couhig's does make some valid points that are worth listening to, but Nagin is clearly interested in more than celebrity and his next job. He owns a granite and marble business with his sons and a real estate company with his campaign manager. Despite a professed desire to refresh the city's municipal boards, he reappointed his real estate partner to the board which will oversee airport renovation, including restroom renovation (new link). The mayor even acknowledged that he's repeatedly asked the city attorney for advice on profiting from blighted property. I'm sure that mayor is dreaming about running for congress or some other position, but he's putting real effort into getting rich.

The above can be considered a follow-up to a comment that I made at big A's house of mirth (and political analysis). This post and the previous one were meant to compliment each other, they ended up being somewhat repetitive.

Screw Couhig! A little belated his criticism of Nagin. I wonder if he'd now like to take back those ads of Mitch Landrieu. Little friggin' dweeb has a radio show now? What qualifies him for that job? Screwing up an election?
This is a yuk coming from Couhig

>>>> gig...

That's the pot calling the kettle black.

What hasn't Couhig failed at? His bio is full of "formerly".

The radio job has returned him to the 'celebrity status' he had before he got tossed from the zephyrs venture.

His hat size must have gone up a couple notches.
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