Monday, May 14, 2007

Metaphysical Bitch Slap

Lolis Eric Elie:
Perhaps I can explain it this way: White does not do the actual work of recycling. Rather her work is a metaphor for recycling.


Clearly Veronica White is one of the most valuable human resources our city possesses. I fear that the city's traditional compensation system is insufficient to keep such an asset in our employ. So I propose that we take Veronica White's salary and split it among all those tiny little people who do the actual work of recycling. As for White herself, I think it only fair that we compensate her with metaphysical money.

Also in the the paper:
Nagin demands mental health services from Blanco

Mayor Ray Nagin sent a letter to the governor on Monday demanding that the state fulfill its "responsibility" to provide mental health for all patients, whether or not they have health insurance, and asking for help relieving the shortage of psychiatric beds in New Orleans.

I'm starting to look forward to the Bobby and C.Ray show but don't think it will be be good for the city.

Glad you posted on this.

I think Dr. Lupin's use of the "b" word was actually nicer than Lolis.

Go Lolis.
I went thru my garbage FAQ sheet when I got my can and highlighted the grammatical errors. I know Ms. W wrote it. It's sad that no one in Sanitation proofread it for her. It's sad she doesn't know how to get us recycling. It's just sad.
You beat me to it, David. I was proud of Lolis Eric this morning.

Btw, Oliver Thomas is just as big an obstacle to recycling as C Ray or Veronica White. I've heard him call recycling "feel good crapola."
You're right Mr. C. I don't think that even Nagin is cocky enough to keep pushing for Lupin's resignation. I didn't see the FAQ, anonymous, but I can imagine.

Actually A, I was hoping that you or Jeffrey or somebody had posted on it. I'll make comments on other blogs on my lunch break (sometimes not on my break), but I hate going to blogger from my work computer -- even on my own time. I had to say (type, rather) metaphysical bitch slap in the comments if nobody else had.

I agree with Elie's more often than I disagree with him. Even when I disagree, I can only recall one column of his that I objected to on the grounds of being either dishonest or poorly thought out.
Join the club on that.
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