Friday, May 25, 2007

His Best Idea Since

"Crescent City Clear":
Freelance journalist Jason Berry, appearing on tonight's Informed Sources, just predicted that Nagin will run for Governor.

From Jeffrey. I doubt even Nagin's that delusional, but something made me think of the mayor's bottled water scheme earlier today. While you're at Jeffrey's, read the Mississippi post.

I've speculated about this myself. It would be a great way to get rid of Nagin, and he'd be sure to lose. I think we should encourage him to resign and throw his hat in the ring.
For some reason I was reminded of the bottle water scheme recently too.. I think... wait a minute, I'll be right back.... Ok here it is... it was this thing Varg posted about the S&WB trying to copyright their logo.

If I remember correctly, Nagin floated this idea at his inauguration where he took a sip from a bottle of tap water and actually said "Tastes great, less filling!" and grinned as though he had just qualified for wit-of-the-century.

And this was back when a majority of people were still taking him seriously. So despite the fact that it was a bad idea that was never followed through on, Nagin still got credit in the press for being such a "creative thinker".
I think Jason Berry may be off his rocker...Nagin isn't crazy enough to think he can win the Gubner race.
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